About Us

Chan-cle-tas -(n)- A Spanish word for flip flops or type of sandal

Come & experience a place unchanged by tourism where local people still wave hello and greet strangers with a smile.

Chancletas Beach Resort is in a small, quiet fishing village named Aserradores. Located on a breezy hillside overlooking the pacific ocean.

Enjoy private access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast. The coastline is shaped by an estuary mouth to the south where sailboats and fisherman pass by and a rocky head land full of shells and tide pools to the north.

Book a guided tour of the local volcanoes, learn to surf with our instructors and stretch out in our Yoga tower, any time of the day. Take a fishing trip in our boat to the river mouth or opt to paddle board the second largest estuary in Central America. Enjoy our restaurant with filtered ice, bottled water and local food and sleep well in our AC rooms equipped with back up generators. Feel at ease with our free wifi around the resort.

We have a great team, all from the local fishing village. We are committed to raising our children in a healthy environment full of love and community. Please bring down any used items for the school raffle incentive program or donate to our annual local surf contest.

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